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UNESCO Registered sites in Ethiopia

axum2Ethiopia has the biggest share of Africa‘s world heritage sites registered by UNESCO. Cradle of mankind, Home of “Dinqinesh “Lucy” the worlds oldest known hominid &Custodian of some of the world’s ancient civilizations and where human beings migrated across the world.

World heritage sites registered by UNESCO in Ethiopia are:

  • The Ancient City of Axum: site of mysterious obelisks, (1980)
  • The Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela site of the 8th wonders of the world,(1978)
  • The 17th century  historic city of Gondar: 17th c castles & famous churches (1979)
  • The walled town of Harar: old walled town, mosques, shrines, hyena men (2006)
  • The Semein Mountain National park: spectacular scenery, endemism & biodiversity (1978)
  • The Konso cultural landscape: Mixe cultural and natural land scape(2011)
  • The Tiya stele: the ancient embellished stelae  (19800
  • The Lower Omo Valley:  the worlds oldest known hominid (1980)
  • The Lower Awash Valley:  “Dinqinesh “Lucy” the worlds oldest known hominid (1980)
  • The Meskel celebration:   A coloreful of Mesleke celebration (2013)
  • The Lake Tana and its monasteries: Man and nature- bispher reserve area  (2015)



Tentatively UNESCO registered sites in Ethiopia:

  • The Bale Mountains National Park (2008)
  • The Dirre Sheik Hussein Religious, Cultural and Historical Site (2011)
  • The Sof Omar natural and cultureal heritage. (2011)
  • The Gedeo Mixed Cultural and Natural Landscape (2012)
  • The Melka Kunture and Bachilt Archaeological Site