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The Awura Amba Community

awarambaThe Awra Amba community is found in South Gondar, Fogera Woreda, a 2 kms distance right of a turnoff which is located 68 kms on Bahir Dar – Woldya main road.

The society is not established on the basis of a long history of religion or kin relationship and other interactions just like a clan, rather it is established by different individuals who came together and abide by one common principle. The society was established in 1972 by few individuals; however, now the number of the members has reached more than 388.

The unbelievably marvelous life philosophy, the beautiful and well- trodden social life of this society has possessed amazes any one. The society has its own life style which is different from the rest of the Amhara people. These people have special respect to unity, working culture, love and equality. It is on the basis of a structured system they formulated that these people began to perform and control the principles underlying their life styles.

Since there is a strong belief among the Awra Amba people that hard work is the sole means of getting out of poverty, responsibilities are divided based not on gender differences but merit. They have also a strong belief that human beings have descended from the same root and hence there will not be differences between relatives and non relatives, blacks and whites etc. and all will be given due respect and love while they are on earth.
Marriage is possible among the Awra Amba people after making sure that couples reach ‘working age’ and the marriage contract has a full consent from both couples.

awra-ambaWhen someone dies in Awra Amba, it is attested by the community that God has gathered his belonging back; nothing else. Hence, only few people attend the funeral ceremony while others stay at work. There are no such expressions of grief as face scratching, mourning and wearing dark clothes. Even the family of the deceased will be at work after the funeral. In their religious faith the Awra Amba people differ from both Christian and Muslim followers. They accept that there is one strong power. They believe that distancing oneself from evil acts, positive thinking, respect to others and putting all these into practice are realizations of religion.