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Northern Ethiopia and Omo valley

Tour Overview

Destinations: Addis Ababa -Lalibela- Gondar -Bahirdar -Debre Markos -Addis Ababa-Arbaminch- Mursi villages- Jinka to Turmi –Yabello-Yirgalem- Lake Langano-Addis Ababa

Tour Code: TT-1044

Duration: 17 Days and 16 Nights

Tour Title: Northern Ethiopia and Omo valley

Transportation: Surface and flight

Ethiopia is a one window shopping tourist destination because the visitors have chance to enjoy, culture, nature and history combined in single country. The mountain ranges from 4620 masl in the North Semien Mountain to 100 mts below sea level at Dallol depression .Tankwa Tours fascinating combined tour program offers blended packages from the cultural north, to the adventure in the northeast, and nature and people in the south.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Arrival to Addis Ababa and transfer to the hotel.

Day 2 Fly to Lalibela, famous for its remarkable 11- rock churches hand carved by King Lalibela in late 12th and early 13th century AD and visit the three groups of rock hewn churches. Overnight hotel

Day 3 Fly to Gondar and Visit the 17th & 18th century magnificent castles. Overnight hotel

Day 4 In the morning drive about 180kms to Bahirdar. In the afternoon, drive to the city of Tis-Isat to visit the Blue Nile falls. Overnight hotel

Day 5 In the morning make a boat trip on the biggest high land lake of Tana to visit the famous antique mo¬nasteries like: Ura Kidanemihiret, Azwa Mariam & Kibran Gabriel. Overnight hotel

Day 6 Early in the morning drive back to Addis Ababa. Overnight hotel

Day 7 Morning, drive about 455kms to Arbaminch, on the way visit the monolithic stelae site of Tiya and the 12th century rock hewn church of Adadi Mariam. Overnight hotel

Day 8 In the morning drive about 30kms to Guge Mountain, to visit the Dorze tribe and their magnificent beehive shaped hut, false banana cultivations and weaving culture. In the afternoon, take a boat trip on Lake Chamo to see hippos, large size crocodiles and birds. Overnight hotel

Day 9 Drive Arbaminch to Jinka on the way visit Konso people. The Konso are famous for their agricultural terracing and village traditions. Overnight hotel

Day 10 Make an Excursion to visit the Mursi people and villages. Mursi women insert round clay plates in their lips for beauty purpose, whereas, Men practice scarification based on the number of enemies or wild animals they have killed in battle. Overnight hotel

Day 11 Mornings, Drive Jinka to Turmi through Key Afer Dimeka. On the way observe the Darashe, Tsemay and Hamer people, famous for their hairstyles and unique cultures and traditions as well as body ornaments. If the day is Tuesday visit market at Dimeka. Overnight hotel

Day 12 Morning, excursion to Omorate on the banks of the Omo River to visit the Dassenech villages. If it is Monday, return to Turmi to visit the Hamer market, Karo and Dassenech people. Leisure time and get ready for next visit of the Hamer tribe, their villages and ceremonies. On this day, if possible you will observe a Hamer marriage ceremony with its unique celebrations such as the “bull-jumping”. Overnight hotel

Day 13 Morning, excursion to Murelle by crossing into the Karo region to visit the village of Kortcho with its beautiful view across the Omo River. The Karo men are famous for their extravagant hairstyles and for their various ornaments and body paintings. Overnight hotel

Day 14 Morning, drive to Yabello through the villages of Erbore tribe, famous for their body decorations & heavy beads; then proceed to the city of Yabello through the admirable Borena tribal villages. Overnight hotel

Day 15 Early in the morning, drive to one of the Borena villages to visit the singing-well then, drive to Yir¬galem. Overnight hotel

Day 16 After breakfast drive to Langano to swim & sunbath around Lake Langano beach. Overnight hotel

Day 17 After breakfast, drive back to the capital city Addis Ababa & in the evening departure

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