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You are invited to partner with Tankwa Tours & Travel Agency, one of Bahir Dar’s premiere tourism and adventure agencies.  Your investment will secure you a share in all future profits as well as lucrative opportunities for cross-promotion and brand building. This is your chance to become a major player in Ethiopia’s growing tourism industry.

With eleven UNESCO world heritage sites, Ethiopia is home to some of humanity’s greatest historical treasures, from the buried churches of Lalibela to the home of the original arc of the covenant, Aum etc. Our natural wonders are the envy of the world, with ancient volcanoes, shimmering deserts, and lush wildlife preserves. Ethiopia is the perfect destination for travelers who have a hunger for adventure and a fascination with the earliest human civilizations

Tankwa Tours & Travel Agency is perfectly positioned to cater to such wanderers. The founder of the Agency, Tigistu Tilahun, has plied the waters of the Nile and Lake Tana since he was a boy, paddling on papyrus kayaks or piloting his cruise boat. His encyclopedic knowledge in Ethiopia’s treasures; his guests come away from their trips having had some of the most profound and exciting experiences of their lives. Tigistu’s fluency with English and outgoing manner has helped him cultivate an extensive network of foreign contacts who regularly refer their friends to his services.

This success has created a happy challenge – Tankwa Tours & Travel Agency has more demand than it can currently satisfy with the resources it possesses.  We are seeking a partner to help us increase our capacity and take on even more guests by investing in key assets.

In particular, we are seeking enough funding to purchase a vehicle large enough to take groups of tourists on long-distance treks. This vehicle will expand the range of our operations and allow us to register as a nation-wide tourism operator, rather than regions-specific as we are now. As we increase our revenue, your investment will be realized quickly, as you share in all future profits and have a voice in the growth strategy of our agency.

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