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Gonder-Gorgora and Its surroundings

Tour Overview

Destination: Gorgora

Tour Code: TT-1017

Duration: one day

Tour Title: History and Nature tour

Transportation: surface drive

Gorgora, which is located on the northern shore of Lake Tana, is situated 65km from Gondar and about 220 km from Bahir Dar. The site is located facing the northern shore of Lake Tana which is highly worth visiting historical and archaeological place to visit. The site contains ruins of an old Catholic Church, recent Orthodox Church and residence. This site, with a church and a squared annexed building, also known as Maryam Ghimb (locally called “Susenyos”), is one of the best known Jesuit constructions in Ethiopia. Its magnificent church has been often and erroneously attributed to the Spanish Jesuit Pedro Pez.

This is one of the many medieval towns of Ethiopia that served as a temporary capital. Four ancient visited monasteries dot the islands of the northern shore of Lake Tana. All of them somewhat remote from Bahir Dar, but situated within easy striking distance of the northern ferry terminal of Gorgora taking a boat from there. These are Man’Endaba Medhane Alem, Brigida Maryam, Debre Sina Maryam, Angara Tekle Haymanot and Bahir Galila. Probably the most venerated of the northern monasteries is Mandaba Medhane Alem, which lies about 30 minutes from Gorgora by motorboat. The monastery was founded in the 14th century. Brigida Maryam was built in the 14th century by AmdeTsion. These monastery hosts some treasures, most notably perhaps a superb 16th century painting of St. Mary. Bahir Galila Zacharias is also the other oldest church of the northern island monasteries, possibly dating to the 14th century. The other most inspiring visiting site in the nearby ancient round church is Debre Sina Maryam. It was built in the 14th century and this church is remarkably adorned with the very old frescos.


Tour Itinerary

After breakfast drive 65km to Gorgora through Denbia worda. Visit the beautiful monastery of Debre Sina Mariam monastery, emperor Sisiniyos palace, and Mussolini monument and make boat trip to Brigida Mariam, Man-Endaba monastery and others nearby the lake shore and afternoon drive back to Gondar.

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