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Ethiopia’s Capital and Bahir Dar cities

addisAddis Ababa (which means New Flower) is the capital city of Ethiopia. It was founded by Minilik II in 1886 and has a total population of more than 6 million. In addition Addis Ababa is also a seat of AU, UNECA and many international and regional organizations and diplomatic missions and embassies.

Bahir Dar (meaing the city by the sea)

This large town found on the southern shore of Lake Tana has a sticky tropical ambience unusual for northern Ethiopia and more similar to somewhere like Awassa in the southern Rift Valley. Palm-lined avenues and pretty lakeside vistas make Bahir Dar a decidedly attractive town, and it is also the base for visits to the Blue Nile Falls and Lake Tana’s many monasteries. Although historically overshadowed by Gondar, to the north of Lake Tana, Bahir Dar is the more important bahirdarcommercial centre today. With a population approaching 300,000, it is not only one of the largest towns in Ethiopia, but also one of the fastest growing and leading towns in the country.  It is also considered as one of the most beautiful, well planned, and safest cities in Africa by many standards, and in 2002 it was awarded in UNESCO Cities for Peace Prize for managing to address the challenges of rapid social economic developments, and this city is found with an elevation of 1850m above sea level