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Endemic wildlife to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is reaches in endemic wildlifes including vegetation and tree species which makes the country unique in the globe.

Walia Ibex

waliaThis animal is quite often seen by hikers only in Simien Mountain national park. The Walia Ibex is a type of goat that lives on narrow mountain edges and can be recognized by the large curved horns of adults of both sexes. However the males’ horns are larger than the females’ and may measure in excess of one meter. The presence of carved shrines in Yeha and Axum indicate that it was once considerably more widespread than it is today.





Belonging to the same family as the Mountain Nyala, the bushbuck shares with them the family characteristic of shy and elusive behavior. Over forty races of bushbuck have been identified, which vary considerably both from the point of view of coloration and from the type of habitat they frequent. Most of them are forest living animals inhabiting dense bush, usually near water, though this is not an essential, as some of them have been known to go without drinking for long periods when necessary.



baboonGelada Baboons

 It is common to see troop of Gelada baboons in the Semien Mountains and other mountains in Ethiopia (above 4,500 masl). Gelada Baboon is endemic to Ethiopia; their ‘sacred heart’ a patch of bare skin on the chest distinguishes them from any other species of Baboon. They are friendly and travelers don’t miss them near their camp site in the Simien.




Ethiopian Red Fox

redfoxSemien wolf, endemic to Ethiopia, also known as the Semien jackal or Abyssinian wolf, is found in small numbers, at an altitude between 3,000 and 4,500 meters high both in Simien and Bale mountains national parks.





ratGiant Mole Rat    

Giant Mole rat is also known as the giant root rat plays a much more serious role in the ecology of the Afro alpine communities of Ethiopia. Giant Mole Rat is endemic to Ethiopia, where it is confined to high altitude shrub and grasslands in the Afro alpine habitat of the Bale and Simien Mountains (3000 – 4377 masl).




 birdEndemic birds to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is reaches in noumerous endemic bird species those attract birdwatcher to come to Ethiopia from different parts of the world.  Among endemic birds:  Watted Ibis, Blue-Winged Goose, Hardwood’s Francolin, Rouget’s Raill, Spot-Breasted Plover, White-Collared Piegen, Yellow Fronted Parrot, Black-Winged Lovebird, Frince Ruspoli’s Turaco,Banded Barbet, Golden-Backed Woodpeaker,White-Tailed Swallow, Abyssinian Long-Claw, Ruppell’s Chat, Abyssinian Chatbird, White-Blacked Black Tit, Yellow-Throated Sed-Eater, Black-Headed Siskin, White-Billed Starling, Black-Headed Foreste Oriole, Stresemann’s Bush-Crow, And  Thick-Billed Raven are listed among endemic birds to Ethiopia.