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Coffee Ceremony in Ethiopia

coffeeCoffee ceremonies are a wonderful, culturally rich tradition that Ethiopians take great pride in. Coffee is the backbone of the export economy in 2013 Ethiopia exported 6.6 million bags of coffee.  And is an integral part of their cultural and social life. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of cofee birthplace of coffee and its Arabica coffee is renowned around the world for its superior quality and bold flavors.  Coffee ceremonies are performed for special occasions and are a most-welcomed escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life in Ethiopia.  Invitations to a coffee ceremony are a sign of deep respect and friendship. As a visitor to Ethiopia, it’s a must see, but be prepared, ceremonies can take three hours and you are encouraged to keep up with the locals and drink three cups. The ceremony starts with lighting charcoals and roasting the green coffee. The coffee is roasted on flat metal pan the size of a plate directly over the charcoals. The beans are constantly moved so that they are roasted evenly. This process allows the aromatic oils to express themselves.