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Destination: Bahir Dar

Tour title: City tour

Tour Code: TT-100

Destination: Bahir Dar

Duration: half day

Transportation: Surface driving

Bahir Dar which is lies in the southern edge of Lake Tana. The historical foundation of Bahir Dar City is associated with the establishment of Kidane Miheret church in the present site of St. Giorgis church in the 14th century. Beginning from that time as a rural village on wards it has developed in to one of the current largest city of the country.

Traditional Church School

After introducing Christianity into Ethiopia in the 4th c AD, traditional church school has been opened in many areas of the country. The school has become the main center of education consequently has acted today as a guardian and preserver of the traditional Ethiopian culture.

The Open-air Market

The open-air market is the other fascinating site in Bahir Dar. As with so many large Ethiopian towns, the juxtaposition between urban modernity and rural traditionalism is a striking feature of Bahir Dar, no more so than in the bustling daily central market which ranks as one of the finest in the country.

Bezawit Hill Top and the Nile Outlet

Bezawit hilltop is located 7km on the eastern outskirts of the town of Bahir Dar. The site offers a spectacular view of the surrounding, the town of Bahir Dar, the islands of Lake Tana monasteries and the Blue Nile outlet. In the area, there is a palace of Emperor Haile Selassie I (1930-1974) built in the 1960s. The wider river in the area provides ideal condition for hippopotamus from the foothill of Bezawit into the deep water of the Blue Nile River.

Amhara Region Peoples Martyrs Memorial Monument

This monument established is located in Bahir Dar city near the outlet of the Blue Nile River. But what makes the site unique is that the museum contains the photograph of martyrs and their history, the art gallery, the amphitheater and the library. Moreover, its proximity to the Blue Nile River together with it attractive garden makes the area unforgettable.

Charity centers in Bahir Dar

There are many charity centers in Bahir Dar. Grace center is much more convenient for visitors; one of the leading charity centers in Bahir Dar followed by SOS children village.


Tour Itinerary

Meet our guide at the lobby of your hotel and get detail information about the tour program from your guide and together going to visit Ethiopian Orthodox Church School at St. George cathedral in Bahir Dar, explore the open-air market, the Amhara region people’s martyrs memorial monument souvenir shops and traditional lazer makers in Bata church in town and visit charity centers. Finished at your hotel


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