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Gondar City Tour

Tour Overview

Destination: Gondar

Tour Code: TT-1016

Duration: half day

Tour Title: History with Nature

Transportation: surface drive

Gondar, the center of Ethiopian art and culture, is famous in its many medieval castles and the design and decoration of its churches. This land of castles and churches was founded by Emperor Fasilidas in 1630s and served as the royal capital of Ethiopian Emperors for about 250 years. The foundation of this imperial capital witnessed a period of optimism and renaissance of the golden days of Aksum and Lalibela. Architecture, literature, education, music, painting and commerce that had been perished after the fall of ancient Aksum, rose to prominence.


Tour Itinerary

After breakfast explore the ancient city of Gondar, it is called Africa’s Camelot including the emperor Fasiledes and other emperors castles, the emperor Fasiledes’s swimming pool, Queskuam church and Itegue Minitwab palace, Felash village and Debre Birihan church.

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