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Bahir Dar-Tara Gedam monasteries

Tour Overview

Destination: Tara Gedam monasteries

Tour Code: TT 1007

Duration: One day

Tour Title: History with nature

Transportation: Surface drive

Tara Gedam which has a sub-tropical climate and covered by dense forest is the home of ancient historical and religious places in addition to its stunning natural landscape. On the main road from Bahir Dar to Gondar and is stretched along the coasts of Lake Tana, an upward 10 kms travel from the Town of Addis Zemen and 2.5 kms left of the main road, there are found the astonishing Monasteries of Washa Endrias and Woin Washa Tekle Haimanot. The natural cave, Washa Endrias Church, is said to be the place where the Judaic belief had been preached before the advent of Christianity to Ethiopia and Christianity was expanded in the 4th century during the reign of Emperor Ezana. However, the Judaic belief started to be weakened when Christianity was expanded by the Nine saints who were said to come from the Middle East especially Syria.

Washa Endrias monastry:

Washa Endrias is said to be long and has an underground connection to another cave, Woin Washa, which has the name of a religious father called Tekle Haimanot. The two religious men were meeting through the underground tunnel and the place where the two caves meet is called ‘Aguat Mafsesha’ (literally meaning the spot to spill yogurt). On the duller side of the cave where there are many bats, there are two wooden receptacles from which the Serpent in the Judaic time used to drink the sacrificial milk and blood, a stone bell, Arks, parchment manuscripts and age-old skeletal remains. The cave is said to have a length of about 20 kms. Hence this is a potential site for historians and researchers. Based on a descended legend, the local elders state that the building up of the other church which is surrounded by slopes and forest, Woin Washa Tekel Haimanot, began during the reign of Emperor Yekuno Amlak and ended during the reign of Emperor Seife Aried (1344-1371).


Tour Itinerary

After breakfast meet our guide and get highlight information about your tour program and going towards to Tara Gedam monastery which is located on the Bahir Dar-Gondar main road 85km. visit Tara Gedam monastery, Woyn washa Tekle Haymanot church and Wash Enderia caved monastery and afternoon drive back to Bahir Dar.

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